St. Petersburg
7398 46th Ave N
Saint Petersburg, FL

Service Description

For Engines :

Change Engine Oil
Change Engine Oil Filter
Take Oil Sample
Change Engine Fuel Filter
Clean Walker Air Seps
Change Zincs Plugs
Check Air Restriction Indicator
Change Marine Gear Oil
Change Marine Gear Filter (if equipped)
Change Fuel/Water Separator
Replace Sea Water Impeller
Clean Gear Magnet/Inlet Oil Screen (if equipped)
Check Cooling System
Check Engine Coolant Pump
Check Antifreeze Concentration Level
Check DCA Concentration Level
Check All Hoses and Clamps

Check Belt, Tensioner and Tensioner Bearing

FULL SERVICE includes Basic and Extended

Check Battery Electrolyte Level
Check Air Heater Operation
Check Engine Gauge Operation
Check Engine Alarm Operation
Check Wiring and Electrical Connections
Check Alternator Output
Check Coolant Heater (if equipped)
Check Engine Throttle Connections
Check Marine Gear Lever Connections
Check Engine Mounting Nuts
Check Engine Turbocharger
Check Vibration Damper
Clean Sea Water Strainer
Clean Walker Vacuum Regulator Filter
Flush Engine Heat Exchanger
Flush Marine Gear Oil Cooler
Flush Fuel Cooler (if equipped)
Flush Raw Water Aftercooler (if equipped)
Flush Fresh Water Cooling System
Replace Engine Drive Belts
Adjust Engine Valve Lash